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Warranty and service

Amed trademark is the ready-made solution for your healthcare facility. Not only do we produce furniture, but we also offer the full scope of supporting services and technical maintenance.

  1. We offer furnishing consultations with due regard to the objectives of your healthcare facility and various price solutions.
  2. Your desired furniture varieties are selected out of the furniture assortment we have. Those may be made of different materials, exhibit versatile designs (either basic or multifunctional), and catch the eye with varied upholstery colors. Among other things, we offer additional accessories.
  3. If necessary, we may design customer-tailored furniture and develop exclusive projects in our design bureau.
  4. We take measurements of the premises to enable the most efficient use of the working spaces.
  5. We create a project design and offer visualization. This is the way for you to see the equipped premises beforehand, make changes if you need, or finalize the project and make the final decision regarding the purchase.
  6. We deliver the furniture to your healthcare facility by our own delivery service.
  7. We offer assembly and mounting services. The furniture you get is fully ready for use.
  8. We provide maintenance of the furniture you have purchased from us within the 18-month warranty term. If any malfunctions occur, we shall eliminate the flaws (however, any breakages caused by failure to follow the rules on use, storage or transportation, or those ones resulting from actions of any third parties are not covered by the warranty).
  9. We ensure post-warranty service and consulting.

Should you have any questions about technical maintenance or additional services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone: +380 67 214 05 50