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Why us
Ergonomics and ease of use of medical furniture creates a sense of comfort.
The aesthetics and functionality of the furniture evoke only positive emotions, saving space in the office and time for the doctor.
Impeccable working conditions in any room, taking into account the needs of staff.
Practical solution for any budget.
Safety in use
Each model of our furniture has passed testing.
Individual approach
Comprehensive equipment of medical institutions. The design project is created for the specific needs of each room.
Implemented projects
ИНСТИТУТ ГЛАЗНЫХ БОЛЕЗНЕЙ И ТКАНЕВОЙ ТЕРАПИИ ИМ. В.П.ФИЛАТОВАНіжинський міський центр первинної медико-санітарної допомогиНовий корпус ОхматдитПолтавский областной кардиоваскулярный центрFamily ClinicЦентр СПИДа (Астана)KinderKlinikDoctor Sam
Ніжинський міський центр первинної медико-санітарної допомоги
Новий корпус Охматдит
Полтавский областной кардиоваскулярный центр
Family Clinic
Центр СПИДа (Астана)
Doctor Sam
Customer reviews
Voroniak Dariia Ihorivna
Voroniak Dariia Ihorivna
Head of Endoscopy Department with Functional Unit, “Okhmatdyt” Hospital
We are very grateful for such cute, lovely, beautiful and very functional furniture. The Company has been very sensitive to our needs, and all of our requirements have been met, in particular, in the part of the endoscope cabinets manufactured based on the practicable and rational designs for everyday use. We are thankful to the Company representatives available 24/7. Their experts have been monitoring and supervising every stage of the work, and we are enjoying the results now.
A.V. Lakhturov
A.V. Lakhturov
General Director of “Hemafund Medical Center” Limited Liability Company
We are devotedly grateful for providing our Center with the medical and laboratory furniture. Thanks to your excellent work, our laboratories are meeting the European standards. Our employees are feeling great, safe and comfortable in their working environment. Thank you for your excellent work.
S.M. Storozhuk
S.M. Storozhuk
Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Medical Director of “City Children’s Clinical Hospital” Communal Non-Commercial Company in the city of Chernivtsi
Thank you for the seamless management of the production, delivery and installation of “Amed” Company medical furniture for our hospital. You have made every effort to make sure that the premises are in line with the modern standards and the employees are comfortable at their workplaces.
Y.V. Nesenenko
Y.V. Nesenenko
Head of the Laboratory of “INTO-SANA Medical Center” Limited Liability Company
Thank you for your understanding. You have managed to recognize our needs and meet our requirements. The new furniture makes our clinic so up-to-date. The furniture is placed in the best possible way to facilitate timely and effortless work of our medical staff.
Kravchuk Viktoriia Serhiivna
Kravchuk Viktoriia Serhiivna
The Senior Nurse of Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, “Okhmatdyt” Hospital
Everything is so nice and cozy, the people like it here, and the doctors appreciate it. I hope the children and their parents will be thankful too because we have done all of this for them, and for the medical staff working here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Yaroslavtseva Kateryna Stanislavivna
Yaroslavtseva Kateryna Stanislavivna
The Senior Nurse of Surgery Department for Neonatals, Premature Babies and Early Infants, “Okhmatdyt” Hospital
We are very grateful to “Amed” Company for helping us to make our Department so nice. Not only have their experts helped us to make the right choices and do the proper sizing of the furniture, but they have also offered us the due guidance and instructions. They have manufactured, assembled and installed quality furniture. We are so happy now. Thanks a lot!
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