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Gynecological chairs

“Amed” Trademark gynecological chairs feature European quality. Surprisingly, they are quite affordable by Ukrainian standards.
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SKU: КГ1.100
40 229 UAH

The gynecological chairs are manufactured at our Cherkasy plant designed exclusively for production of the specialized medical furniture. The products are ISO 9001:2015 - certified.

The frames of the chairs are made of metal and coated with matte white paint.

The seats and the backrests are semi-soft, upholstered with artificial leather easy to clean and sanitize.

The upholstery is available in sand, grey, black, green and blue colors.

The seats are at 900 mm above the level of the floor.

Each chair features:
•    Removable knee supports
•    Armrests
•    Gynecological stainless steel tray (removable, installed in the pull-out frame below the seat)
•    Folding step

The maximum permissible load is 150 kg.

Delivery methods: pick-up at our storages in Cherkasy or Brovary, delivery by our own service or the courier services of “Delivery” and “Nova Poshta” companies. We have our own production facilities and storages, so you will get your products delivered fast.