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Medical cabinets

“Amed” Trademark exhibits a wide variety of medical cabinets: hospital wardrobes, cabinets for storage of drugs and medical tools, hospital file cabinets, medical cabinets for utensils, medical cabinets for consumables, endoscope cabinets, wall cabinets, first aid kits, shelves.
Total results:
SKU: А1.100
2 274 UAH
SKU: А1.200
2 378 UAH
SKU: ШХ2.300
6 886 UAH
SKU: ШН2.100
7 397 UAH
SKU: ШН1.100
7 519 UAH
SKU: ШН3.300
7 587 UAH
SKU: ШН3.200
7 742 UAH
SKU: ШН1.101
7 872 UAH
SKU: ШН2.101
7 922 UAH
SKU: ШХ2.100
8 678 UAH
SKU: ШХ2.200
9 905 UAH
SKU: ШО2.100
10 067 UAH
SKU: СТ3.500
10 115 UAH
SKU: СТ1.500
10 245 UAH
SKU: ШК2.200
10 778 UAH
SKU: ШМ1.101
10 936 UAH
SKU: ШХ1.300
11 141 UAH
SKU: ШК2.201
11 888 UAH
SKU: ШМ1.100
11 988 UAH
SKU: СТ3.501
12 057 UAH
SKU: ШО4.110
13 203 UAH
SKU: ШХ1.100
13 266 UAH
SKU: СТ1.501
13 377 UAH
SKU: ШХ4.300
14 050 UAH

All of our “Amed” Trademark medical cabinets are produced at the specialized plant in Cherkasy in line with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

The products are meeting ГОСТ standard requirements and are certified by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

You can choose any delivery method you like, either pick up the cabinets on your own, use our own delivery service, or courier services.

You will get the products in the shortest terms because we have our own storages and product stocks.

Warranty and post-warranty services are provided. Additionally, you can order our assembly and installation services.