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Medical drawer units

We offer you “Amed” Trademark medical drawer units produced by the largest medical furniture manufacturer in Ukraine.
Total results:
SKU: ТС1.110
3 342 UAH
SKU: ТМ1.110
3 545 UAH
SKU: ТМ11.110
3 882 UAH
SKU: ТМ4.110
4 072 UAH
SKU: ТС1.111
4 150 UAH
SKU: ТС2.110
4 553 UAH
SKU: ТС1.100
5 339 UAH
SKU: ТМ5.110
5 354 UAH
SKU: ТС2.111
5 361 UAH
SKU: ТМ2.110
5 526 UAH
SKU: ТМ8.110
5 787 UAH
SKU: ТМ10.110
5 827 UAH
SKU: ТМ1.100
6 242 UAH
SKU: ТМ3.110
6 281 UAH
SKU: ТС1.200
6 386 UAH
SKU: ТС2.100
6 672 UAH
SKU: ТМ6.110
7 160 UAH
SKU: ТМ1.200
7 381 UAH
SKU: ТМ4.100
7 494 UAH
SKU: ТС3.110
7 561 UAH
SKU: ТС2.200
7 718 UAH
SKU: ТП2.100
7 850 UAH
SKU: ТМ2.100
7 892 UAH
SKU: ТМ11.100
8 134 UAH

All of the products are manufactured at our Cherkasy plant designed and equipped exclusively for production of the specialized medical furniture.

The key advantages of “Amed” Trademark drawer units are high quality and durability. The Company meets ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements, the products have been tested in accordance with ГОСТ 16371-93 and obtained the registration certificate of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

You can choose any delivery method you like, either pick up the products on your own, use our delivery service, or courier company services. You will get the products in the shortest terms because we have our own storages and product stocks.