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Additional equipment

There is a wide range of accessories for medical furniture made by “Amed” Trademark, the famous domestic manufacturer: side rails for gurneys, side rails for beds, tripod stands with mounts, universal Г-shaped overbed trapeze and many more products.
Total results:
SKU: ШТ2.100
2 553 UAH
SKU: УД1.100
4 279 UAH
SKU: УД2.100
5 651 UAH
SKU: БО2.100
5 711 UAH
SKU: БО1.200
5 872 UAH
SKU: БО1.100
11 263 UAH

The products are manufactured at our Cherkasy plant designed and equipped exclusively for production of the specialized medical furniture.

The core advantages of “Amed” Trademark products are high quality and durability. The Company meets the ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements. The products have been tested in accordance with ГОСТ 16371-93 and obtained the registration certificate of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

You can choose any delivery method of your convenience, either self pick - up the products, use our own delivery service, or courier company services. Delivery will be fast because we have our own storages and product stocks.